From the Dynamic Demagnitizing Factor to the Heat Capacity of a Nanodispersed Magnetic Fluid

Автор(ы) S.G. Emelyanov , V.M. Polunin , A.O. Tantsyura , A.M. Storozhenko , P.A. Ryapolov

Department of Nanotechnology and Engineering Physics, Southwest State University, 305040 Kursk, Russia

Выпуск Том 5, Год 2013, Номер 4
Даты Получено 27.10.2013, опубликовано online – 10.12.2013
Ссылка S.G. Emelyanov, V.M. Polunin, A.O. Tantsyura, et al., J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 5 No 4, 04027 (2013)
PACS Number(s) 47.65.Cb, 65.80. – g
Ключевые слова Magnetic fluid (21) , Acoustomagnetic effect (2) , Langevin function, Magnetization curve (3) , Demagnetizing field, Demagnetizing factor, Dynamic demagnetizing factor.
Аннотация A technique for the measurement of the dynamic demagnetizing factor, used for the description of magnetic fluid magnetization disturbance caused by a sonic wave has been offered. The formula for the calculation of heat capacity Cp of the synthesized magnetic colloids, which includes the pa-rameter Nd has been obtained.

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