Stimulation of Seed Viability by Means of Dispersed Solutions of Copper and Silver Nanoparticles

Автор(ы) S.N. Maslobrod1, Yu.A. Mirgorod2 , V.G. Borodina2, N.A. Borsch2

1 Institute of Genetics, Plant Physiology and Protection of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova

2 Southwest State University, 94, 50 Let Oktyabrya Str., 305040 Kursk, Russia

Выпуск Том 5, Год 2013, Номер 4
Даты Получено 01.10.2013, в отредактированной форме – 02.12.2013, опубликовано online – 10.12.2013
Ссылка S.N. Maslobrod, Yu.A. Mirgorod, V.G. Borodina, N.A. Borsch, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 5 No 4, 04018 (2013)
PACS Number(s) 81.16.Be
Ключевые слова Water dispersed solutions, Copper and silver nanoparticles, Germination of seeds, Stimulating effect, Ultra-low concentrations of nanoparticles.
Аннотация It was shown that water dispersed solutions at different concentration of copper (NPCu) and silver (NPAg) nanoparticles substantially influence germination of seeds of grain and vegetable crops. Stimulating effect was revealed after application of ultra-low concentrations NPCu (up to 10 – 17 mg/l) and NPAg (up to 10 – 13 mol/l). Treatment of seeds with sol boosts their resistance to fungal pathogens and low temperature and also increases productivity of plants in the field environment.

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